Producing Films and how to Break into Hollywood, with Brian McLaughlin

Justin, Trevor, and Tom sat down with Brian McLaughlin to discuss his transition from infantry officer to film producer. Brian…

Brian first got into it with a recruitment placement company! When it comes to applying for studio jobs, Brian says to stay positive. As a veteran you have the skills and the drive needed to get the job. So stay motivated and make it happen. What’s key to the job hunt? Most of the big companies (the studios, the networks), use an automated “key word” based system, so you really have to learn how to use the keywords in your applications. He also recommends contacting the recruiters and hiring managers after submitting your resume.

His boldness helped him get his current job as a teacher at the Los Angeles film school.

Next Brian shared his experience with the Writers Guild Foundations Veterans Writing Project. Since Brian lives in LA, he’s able to take part in the year long workshop portion of the program, which includes a “pitch night.” Pretty awesome stuff!

Tune in to check out the rest of Brian’s wisdom and fun anecdotes (as well as the difference between a PRODUCER and a DIRECTOR).


Brian McLaughlin’s IMDb page.


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Military Veterans in Creative Careers - Justin Sloan

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  1. Invesga

    Thank you for this, you really gave me an insight into what I might someday have to do to break into directing. I m also very good at writing too, would I be able to do both? Goerge Clooney is someone whose very diverse, he s did just about everything directing, acting, producing ect Which seems like if you ve got a good idea at what your doing in this buisness you can do it.

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