From Marine to Filmmaker with Paul Porter

MV5BMjIyNTUyMDE4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzk1NDEyMTE@._V1_Paul Porter shares his experience learning filmmaking and then the benefits and how to shoot movies outside of LA. He is a writer, director, and producer, and offers great advice for military veterans aspiring to become filmmakers.

Paul’s Bio:

Paul J. Porter is the owner of Rogue Taurus Productions, which he runs with his wife, actress Hayley Derryberry. Born in Iola, Kansas, Porter served 13 years as an active duty US Marine with two combat tours in Iraq. He has a BA in Film from the University of New Mexico and his MFA in Producing for Film and Television from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Porter freelances as an independent feature film producer/director in addition to his weekly posts on the Rogue Filmmaker Blog.

Paul’s IMDb Page:


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