Veterans Making Moves to Deal with PTSD, with Benjamin Patton


Founder of the Patton Veterans Project and creator of its I Was There Film Workshops, and grandson of General Patton (YES! That General Patton), Benjamin Patton talks about how collaborative filmmaking and being creative can help deal with posttraumatic stress, and why it’s great regardless to get involved in filmmaking.


The grandson of WWII general George S. Patton Jr., documentary filmmaker Benjamin Patton specializes in biographies of individuals and families, as well as documentary-style commercial work. Previously, he served as a development executive and producer at Manhattan’s PBS affiliate. Ben received is BA from Georgetown University and a Masters in developmental psychology at Teacher’s College – Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his young son, Tiger.

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In this family memoir published in 2012, Ben explores his family legacy and shares the inspirational wit and wisdom that his grandfather, famed World War II commander General George S. Patton, Jr., bestowed upon his only son and namesake.

In revealing personal correspondence written between 1939 and 1945, General Patton espoused his ideals to Ben’s father, George, then a cadet at West Point. Dispensing advice on duty, heroism and honor with the same candor he used ordering the Third Army across Europe, Patton shows himself to be as dynamic a parent as a military commander.

Following in those famous footsteps, Ben’s father became a respected and decorated hero of both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Ironically, as he rose to major general, he also proved himself just as brave, flamboyant, flawed and inspiring as his father had been.



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