Publishing Military Fiction with Matt Gallagher, author of Young Blood

Matt Gallagher's YOUNG BLOODMatt Gallagher shares his experience going from getting in trouble for his blog while still in the military, to how he leveraged his military experience and writing MFA to get published with Simon and Schuster. He teaches veterans and civilians about military writing, and has an amazing novel titled YOUNG BLOOD.

So whether you’re a veteran or any aspiring writer looking to learn more about MFA programs, veteran writing programs, or publishing with one of the big publishers, check out the episode. 

Matt’s author bio:

Matt Gallagher is the author of the novel Youngblood, published in February 2016 by Atria/​Simon & Schuster. A former US Army captain, he holds an MFA in fiction from Columbia and has written for the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Paris Review Daily, and Playboy, among others. He’s also the author of the Iraq memoir Kaboom and coeditor of, and contributor to, the short fiction collection Fire & Forget.

Matt lives with his wife in Brooklyn, and works as a writing instructor at Words After War, a literary nonprofit devoted to bringing veterans and civilians together to study conflict literature.

Buy his novel, YOUNG BLOOD.

Want more? Check out the review of his book in the NEW YORK TIMES!


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And here’s a link to the ebook also, Military Veterans in Creative Careers! 100% of the proceeds are used to support this podcast.

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