Jeff Reyes on Breaking into Hollywood

Filmmaker Jeff Reyes shares his story and motivational advice on transitioning out of the military and breaking into Hollywood.

Jeff Reyes Bio:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jeff was already steps away from the film industry. Since he was a teenager Jeff made his own living as a Photographer, Promoter, and Graphic Designer. In 2004, he left college as a Criminal Sciences Major, to join the United States Army. He served in Ramadi, Iraq as a Designated Marksmen and Team Leader with the 506 Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne. When he returned home he jumped right back into work in the entertainment industry alongside Bill Davis, as his props assistant on numerous shows. After eight years in the industry Jeff has now reached his desired title as “Producer.” Overall, Jeff is sure to bring great things to the entertainment industry in the years to come, and continue to be an outstanding citizen, entrepreneur, and father.

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