Writing Sci-Fi and Getting Published, with Brian Dorsey

51UUY2jpWHL._UX250_Brian Dorsey started with short fiction, moved on to academic writing, and then, toward the end of his military time, he started writing fiction. From there he blossomed and soon his novel GATEWAY was published.

To learn more about writing sci-fi with a military angle, publishing, and more, check out the episode.

Brian Dorsey is the author of the Gateway science fiction series as well as non-fiction historical works. He is a retired Naval Officer and currently an instructor for the Department of the Navy. When not spending time with his family, Brian enjoys reading and researching US and Native American history, watching good TV shows or films (anything by Joss Whedon), hunting, teaching the occasional history class, or working on his next writing project.

Brian’s first book, GATEWAY.

Brian’s Amazon author page.

Brian’s author website.



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