The Audiobook of Military Veterans in Creative Careers!

I’m interrupting your normal program to let you know about the Military Veterans in Creative Careers audiobook. All profits support this podcast, and the book is full of awesome interviews (Trevor and Jennifer are included!).

I’m even giving stuff away, with is awesome – first 10 people to reply to this will get a copy of the audiobook (US, digital), and EVERYONE who signs up for the podcast newsletter at gets a free book. Pretty sweet, right?

So if you have an interest in becoming a screenwriter, actor, director, and more in film, books, video games, and all that, check it out! Actor Scott Levy (Battlefield: Hardline) did a wonderful job narrating.

The Audiobook on Audible

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Download the episode here, and be sure to follow us on iTunes and leave a review!

And here’s a link to the ebook also, Military Veterans in Creative Careers! 100% of the proceeds are used to support this podcast.

Military Veterans in Creative Careers - Justin Sloan

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